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In 2012, AREVA SOLIDARITY, the internal call for projects open to French AREVA employees involved in a non-profit organization for at least one year, has been extended to North-American and German employees.

2012 edition
2012 edition

Meeting in Paris on December, 2012, the AREVA Foundation Board decided to support 18 projects from 42 applications submitted.

The 18 projects selected advance the Foundation’s objectives in the fields of education, health and culture and favor underprivileged children: they include academic support, school building and renovation, encouraging scientific, technical and industrial learning, support for physically disabled youth, increased access for isolated populations, housing renovation and encouragement of musical and theatrical training.

The donation of the AREVA Foundation this year allows to financially support some projects in France, Germany, and the United States, as well as in Canada, Finland, India and Niger, near AREVA sites.

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School renovation and construction
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Extension and renovation of a primary school in Zanskar, India


  • Association: AAZ (“Aide Au Zanskar”) has been working for the past twenty years in the education field towards the goal of delivering a quality education to the underprivileged children of the Zanskar plateau, who have been left very much by the wayside despite the economic growth that India is experiencing.
  • Project: to extend and refurbish the existing school (Lamdon Model High School) which today accommodates 300 infant pupils in 12 classes, by doing the following:
    • to build
      • seven new classes (from nursery through to last year of primary school)
      • a library
      • a cultural room
      • administrative offices.
    • to redevelop the building in order to enlarge classes and extend schooling beyond the month of October, through the installation of passive solar technology.
  • Location: in the far north of India, behind the high peaks of the Himalayas, in the Zanskar. This inhabited region is one of the coldest in the world (temperatures as low as -35°C in winter).  It is only accessible by road from June to September and has a population of 12,000 people who have lived off agriculture and livestock in total autonomy for centuries.
  • Schedule: Main construction work in 2012-2013 (walls and carpentry) with completion of the roof by September 2013.

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Extension of a primary school in Olindiapet, India.


  • Association: the “Rameaux Verts” association, created in 1975, took the decision to support the poorest people in India in particular. These are the "out-casts", a majority of whom refer to themselves as dalits (as much as 25 % of the population). These people, who represent around 30,000 inhabitants in this region, are generally excluded from the country's development. The association works with children on essential life projects (rural community development, access to health care, schooling, etc.).
  • Project: 171 pupils are currently enrolled in the Olindiapet primary school, and 70% are dalits. The project consists of expanding the primary school, with the construction of two additional classrooms, a staffroom and toilets. The school will then be able to accommodate around sixty extra pupils.
  • Location: Olindiapet, around 75 miles from Chennai in southern India.
  • Schedule: December 2012 to March 2013.

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Reconstruction of a primary school in Moli Haoussa, Niger.


  • Association: created in 2005, the AB association aims to provide direct assistance to children and disadvantaged populations in Niger and Burkina Faso
  • Project: the primary school in Moli Haoussa hosts 126 pupils in two classrooms that are completely dilapidated. The project is to rebuild these two classrooms over a 2-year period (2013-2014). The AREVA Foundation is supporting the construction of one of these units.
  • Location: Moli Haoussa, southern Niger.
  • Schedule: October 2013
Construction and equipment of a classroom in a kindergarten in Arlit, Niger


  • Association: established in 2004, SAHEL aims to promote and support education and job-training for children and young adults in northern Niger.
  • Project: to build and fit out a classroom in a kindergarten in Arlit. The temporary classroom currently hosts 32 children aged 5.
  • Location: Arlit, Niger.
  • Schedule: construction work from December 2012 to September 2013.

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Renovation of a school for children with learning disabilities in Lynchburg.


  • Association: the New Vistas School is to provide individualized educational programs for children from pre-school through to age 18.
  • Project: renovation of a school in Lynchburg for children with learning disabilities. This program includes in particular the installation of new electrical equipment (heating and air conditioning). The project features an element of awareness-raising on energy-saving among the children.
  • Location: Lynchburg, USA.
  • Schedule: work from January to August 2013.

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Renovation of four houses near Richland


  • Association: Habitat for Humanity Founded in 1994, Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that housing and home repairs to low income families in the Tri-Cities area.
  • Project: the Habitat for Humanity project aims to carry out home repairs in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for underprivileged children to allow them to complete their education. Four families (4-12 children) are benefiting from this program located near Richland.
    For information, AREVA Inc sponsors a house build in the US every year rotating between Charlotte, North Carolina, Lynchburg, Virginia and Richland, WA.
  • Location: Richland, WA, US.
  • Project duration: 12 months, from January to December 2013.
    • January-April, 2013 : identify families
    • May-December, 2013 : complete repairs

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Temporary housing at Charlotte


  • Association: since 1974, Ronald McDonald Houses have united in a common purpose – to offer hope, support and love to families struggling with children’s illness. The goal of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is to improve the health and well-being of nearly 3.7 million children worldwide every year. 
  • Project: Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) provides temporary housing for seriously ill children and their families while the children are receiving treatment.
    Families are stronger when they are together, which helps in the healing process. Parents can also better communicate with their child’s medical team, and keep up with complicated treatment plans as needed.
    The project supported by the AREVA Foundation is dedicated in priority to serve families in the Southeast area; all families from across the region and beyond can also be welcomed.
    Since 2011, the association has served over 700 families. This year, the funding should ensure some 20 families with children to have a free place to stay for several nights while children receive medical treatment.
  • Location: The House is located in the Myers Park area of Charlotte (USA), close to uptown Charlotte, and close to both major children’s hospitals – Levine Children’s Hospital and Hemby Children’s Hospital.
  • Project duration: one year with ambition to continue at mid-term.

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Attendance of school children in suitable learning venues and in science and technology workshops set up in the Saone et Loire region


  • Association: Académie François Bourdon
  • Project: attendance of school children in suitable learning venues and in science and technology workshops set up in the Saone et Loire region, and tours of industrial sites in Creusot (including AREVA Chalon/St Marcel).
  • Location: Saône et Loire, France.

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Scholarships to students to attend music classes, workshops or summer camps


  • Association: Richmond County Orchestra Booster Club (RCOBC)
    the ambition of the Richmond County Orchestra Booster Club (RCOBC) association is to increase access of children to the arts for all students in Richland County.
  • Project: RCOBC provides continuing educational experiences for economically disadvantaged students through participation in local and state university orchestra classes, workshops and/or summer camps. It has been requested funding for rewarding 24 scholarships to students from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to attend music classes, workshops or summer camps.
  • Location: Aiken, South Carolina (United States).
  • Schedule: March – July, 2013.

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Purchase of equipment for workshops to promote chess playing among children


  • Association: The primary objective of Washington Elementary Chess Champions (a non-profit corporation formed in December 2002) is to promote the education of children in home, school, community, via teaching and promoting analytical thinking skills obtained by learning and playing chess.
  • Project: Washington Elementary Chess Champions provides underprivileged students ages 6 to 12 with equipment and training materials needed to learn and improve their analytical thinking skills through the game of chess in supervised after school meetings. 
    Although Pasco School District had previously established chess clubs in many of its Elementary and Middle Schools the coaches had insufficient training materials to provide the students with an optimal program.
    The equipment purchased with the funding promised by AREVA was utilized by these coaches to demonstrate analytical techniques.  Chess boards and pieces allowed expansion to over 200 participants. In addition the software was used to assist the students in grasping chess concepts. The recording sheets allowed the students to record their games, and perform evaluations to help them understand their improved methods and reinforce what they learned. These students were also encouraged to improve their skills at the local tournaments where recording sheets, chess clocks, and other equipment were used.
  • Location: Richland, US.
  • Schedule: current school year, by early January until May, 2013.

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After-school workshops for girls in Lynchburg


  • Association: Girls on the Run
  • Project: after-school workshops for girls aged 8 to 15 from disadvantaged communities in Lynchburg to teach them self-respect through sports.
  • Location: Lynchburg, US.

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After-school workshops to help girls to become self-sustaining


  • Association: since 1990, Cool Girls is dedicated to the self-empowerment of girls in low income communities. The association provides the tools to help girls make positive choices to achieve the barriers of racism and sexism. The Cool Girls association leads its mission through the collaborative efforts of staff, schools, volunteers and the local community in active partnership with the girls and their parents.
    The association is partner with 9 schools in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Project: the Cool Girls projects make sensitive the teen girls on the consequences of risky behaviour, providing meaningful opportunities to engage populations and exposing girls to a broad range of experiences. Cool Girls Programs are focus on relationships, field trip, health and life skills training and academic support. 100% of Cool Girls participants live in low-come communities.
    The AREVA Foundation supports after-school workshops put on with the schools to help girls from disadvantaged communities, to give them confidence in themselves and help them become self-sustaining.
  • Location: Alpharetta, Georgia, US
  • Project duration: from September 2012 to May 2013.

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Workshops to prepare youths taking part in the Saskatoon Marathon


  • Association: the purpose of the organization is to provide opportunities for the running community to access to training & competition. The organization develops with local schooling institutions a dedicated program for young people. This association involves 13 AREVA employees.
  • Project: the Marafun program is a partnership between the Saskatoon Road Runners Association and local schooling institutions. Many of the schools that traditionally participate are from Aboriginal reserves or are from arts of the city with depressed socio-economic conditions. The Marafun program opens the opportunity to approximately 1000 young people (13 years old and under) to be introduced to the concept of healthy living, physical activity, nutrition and learning to run through 4 weeks of workshops delivered in the school setting. The final reward for the students for participation in these workshops is to finish a running challenge on a real marathon running course. This program also encourages children to be active with their parents, as the parents are encouraged to run or walk with their children as part as the workshops and goal setting in the weeks leading up to the race. It has the potential to encourage overall healthy attitudes in the families of the Marafun participants.
  • Location: Saskatoon, Canada.
  • Project duration: 4 weeks long, and finishes on May, 2013.

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Construction of a cultural center for young people and their families


  • Association: the ISE Airikkala-Penttala offers intensive pedagogical care of young underprivileged persons.
  • Project: the objective is, apart from the pedagogical care of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and their families, to create a banquet hall for family culture like theatre projects, performances, presentations and celebrations: insulation of walls and doors, electricity, sanitation, interior fittings. In Nakkila, there are living 5,700 people and more than 20,000 people in the surrounding villages. Today, a few hundreds of adults and children are benefiting of this project.
  • Location: Nakkila, Finland.
  • Schedule: the project started in 2007 and has been completed in March 2013.

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Weekend workshops to prepare children from Russian immigrant families living in Erlangen for kindergarten

German Russian

  • Association: German-Russian culture club “Brücken e.V”
    the purpose of the association is to improve the integration and the acceptance of Russian-speaking immigrants promoting an international attitude and tolerance in all cultural areas. To achieve this aim, the association offers cultural events (theatre, music…) and other measures like language courses.
  • Project: it allows to put in place week-end workshops to prepare children from Russian immigrant families living in Erlangen for kindergarten. In the pre-school class which takes place on Saturdays (October-July), the children (about 30) will be prepared to school, especially linguistic and mathematical preparation, development of team spirit, cooperation, self-organization and independence. For the parents, the association offers regularly consultation, exchange of experience and, as required, psychological consultation.
  • Location: Erlangen, Germany.
  • Schedule: global project duration, 18 months, during the 2013/14 school year.

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Purchase of a vehicle to transport children and young people for summer trips in Grenoble


  • Association: since 1991, the association A Bras Ouverts - with its teams of guides (made up of voluntary workers, students and young professional people) has been organizing weekends and holidays for children and youths with disabilities. The shared activities are simple: games, songs, dances, walks and visits.
    One of the goals of the association is to provide real support to the families by way of offering them a few days of respite, several times a year.
    In 2012, A Bras Ouverts hosted a total of 615 children and young people.
  • Project: has applied to the AREVA Foundation to fund the purchase of a used vehicle for transporting the Grenoble group for weekend outings and stays organized during the summer.
  • Location: Grenoble, France.
  • Schedule: Summer 2013.

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Workshops for children with Down Syndrome to improve their quality of life


  • Association: the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte (DSAGC) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization with strives to enable individuals with Down syndrome to reach their full potential and become active and respected members of their community. The mission of the DSAGC is to enhance the quality of life for all individuals with Down syndrome by providing information and sup-port to individuals, families, professionals, and the community through training, support, and resources.
  • Project: the DSAGC Together in Education (TiE) Program is a partnership between schools, the Down Syndrome Association, and families. It is designed to maximize the educational experience for students with Down syndrome and their teachers. TiE will help bring schools and families together by fostering a mutual understanding of concerns and optimizing collaboration in order to create the best educational experience. The TiE Program, like all DSAGC programs, is intended to help individuals with Down syndrome reach their full potential.
  • Location: Greater Charlotte and the surrounding 12 counties (18 school districts)
  • Schedule: The DSAGC TiE Program had its official launch on May 17, 2013 with training of our first Down Syndrome Specialists representing four school districts. The TiE Program will be implemented over over the next three years. By the 2015-16 school year, the DSAGC is committed to providing resources to each of the 560+ schools being served in the area.

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Two-week theatre workshops for young people with autism


  • Association:  this association was founded in 2000 by a group of local educators and artists. It provides quality educational opportunities in the theatre arts to young people with autistic Spectrum disorders. Since that time, ACT has served over 80,000 children and families in the Columbia Basin area of Washington State by providing quality arts programming to children (from 3 ½  until 18 years).
  • Project: the special cultural program submitted is for children (10-18 years old) with autistic spectrum disorders, including those with Asperger’s Syndrome. It consists of over 30 hours of instruction, including teachers and specialized assistants, costumes, lights, sounds…everything needed to put on a high-quality theatrical production. This is a two-week program during which the participants work with teachers. At the end of this period, students perform a full-fledged play for their parents, friends, family, and the public at large. The culminating experience of the entire program is the final performance.
  • Location: Richland, USA.
  • Schedule 2013:
    *January-March: determine the show to be produced, purchase rights, and prepare scripts
    *March-July: interview and select assistants
    *Mid July: begin rehearsals
    *End of July: produce an high quality show
    *August: meet the parents to discuss impact of the show.


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