France: the Quai Branly Museum

Founded in 2006, the Quai Branly Museum is devoted to the arts and civilization of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

In 2015, the AREVA Corporate Foundation is renewing its commitment to the museum to promote access to culture for as many people as possible and to fund programs for audiences unfamiliar with cultural sites.

Come in the museum
Come in the museum

The Quai Branly museum is especially active with professionals and volunteers working to strengthen social cohesion. In partnership with them, it has special projects for culturally marginalized people. These programs are being conducted both inside and outside the museum as a way of reaching out to those who would not have come to the museum otherwise.

In 2015, AREVA Foundation supported the following programs:

  •  Awareness training tours for nearly 300 cultural mediators in the social sector each year.
  •  A newsletter and information on a dedicated page of the museum website for social players.
  •  Incentives for group tours, guided tours and story tours at negotiated rates, with more than 400 groups taking advantage of the offer throughout the year.
  •  Organization of an “Association Day”, during which cultural mediators and their audiences are invited for a festive days of tours and shows, free of charge. Fifty associations were present.
Traveling workshops
Traveling workshops

In 2013 and 2014, AREVA Foundation funded the first traveling workshops organized by the Quai Branly Museum at offsite locations in Cergy Pontoise, Clichy-sous-Bois and Montfermeil.

On the program: showings of works from the museum’s collections, workshops, evening festivals, storytelling sessions, activities in the lending and multimedia libraries, participatory activities with artists… All with the collaboration of the associations of the partner cities, based on a two-week itinerary. This cultural outreach continued with tours and events organized for the target audience at the Quai Branly Museum.