Rebecca Fanuele, © Orange Rouge

The Orange Rouge association promotes access to arts education by organizing meetings between artists and teenagers with difficulties with a view to a joint artistic project. It calls on recognized artists and combines an artistic approach with an educational one.

A targeted public
A targeted public

Orange Rouge focuses especially on junior high schools in so-called “problem” neighborhoods that are isolated or out of the way, and with young people in special education classes.

These classes are for students with learning difficulties that have not mastered the knowledge and skills expected of them at the end of primary school, as well as young people with physical, psychological or physiological difficulties.

Art workshops and cultural trips
© Orange Rouge
Art workshops and cultural trips

Each workshop consists of 40 hours of work with groups of 25 students over a period of 2 to 8 months during the school year.

The artist chosen by the association sets the tone for the workshop, based on his or her own artistic work. The program develops and is constantly adjusted based on the context and on dialogue with the students and teachers.

The artist brings artistic talent and technical skills, the teachers and learning support assistants bring their educational capabilities, and the students bring their creativity.

Each program is supplemented by visits to facilities devoted to the fine arts and the performing arts in some way connected to the project. 

AREVA Foundation has supported 30 projects in the Ile-de-France region from 2012 to 2015 which benefitted in 600 children (12 to 16 years old). It renews the partnership by providing support to another 10 workshops for the January to June 2016 period.

Testimonial from a teacher
Testimonial from a teacher

“The workshop offers the opportunity to work on several very different levels: the senses, the emotions, the visual level, motor skills, verbal skills, the imagination, abstraction and projection.”

Sylvie Atlan, 
Cyril Seguin Project